5 things to practice in recovery: After Detox

There is a common misconception that recovery is just takes you checking into rehab, getting medication assisted treatment and all will be well. The truth is recovery can be hard, especially without the right tools. Tools that set you up for success and prevent relapse. The goal is to be ahead of the game and foresee triggers that may bring about relapse. Here are 5 practices to enhance your recovery journey.

recovery together with friends

1. Ask For Help

This may seem obvious to many but is difficult to do. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, in fact, it’s the opposite. It is actually courageous. Our pride can isolate us and keep us from access to the help needed. Remember, no one lives in a vacuum and there is strength found in numbers. So, don’t let ego get in the way of finding your tribe.

2. Be completely honest

This is where strength and vulnerability kick in. In order to resolve issues, we have to be honest with ourselves and others. Honesty forces you to take accountability for past mistakes made while allowing room for growth. Through honesty, you find release. Release of guilt, pain, and disappointments.  And there, begins the building blocks of an authentic life.

proper nutrition during recovery

3. Lifestyle changes (outside of drug use)

Making changes that also strengthen your overall health is paramount in recovery. These don’t have to occur at the same time and should be tailored to fit the individual in recovery. These can include exercising, meditating, dietary modification and many more. The objective is to develop new habits that hearten the journey.

Self care in recovery

4. Practice Self-Care

This ties in to the making lifestyle changes. Make it a habit to practice self-love. Feelings of guilt and shame can be a common and overwhelming feeling during recovery. However the practice of self-love can help you find strength where you’ve never before: YOURSELF. This can be difficult, but it starts with daily affirmations until you start believing it and believing in your journey.

Stick to the plan after detox

5. Stick to the Plan

A plan is a healthy guideline to help you avoid pitfalls and unwanted relapses during recovery. The hiker who follows the guide will surely arrive safely. Consult with your recovery team and health provider to find the best plan for your situation. Keeping your seat belt on and your recovery team close can make the journey a smooth ride.

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