Recovery requires actions rather than intentions. While positive affirmations are helpful and create the mindset that is required for recovery, what matters most is what you do with these thoughts. The road to recovery is all about taking small steps everyday. These small steps eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Keep in mind that these steps can only take place once an addiction is acknowledged and the addict is aware of their addiction. Here are 5 tips for the road to recovery.

1. Take your time because It will take time

Recovery will take time. Much like the addiction took some time to build, it will take time to unlearn. Be patient. The brain is doing a considerable amount of unlearning and re-wiring during recovery. People in recovery may feel energized and invigorated by their decision to change their lives (as they should) but remember to only take on what you can handle.

2. Find new activities

This one is obvious. Addiction recovery requires a lifestyle overhaul. You cannot live the lifestyle as you did prior to addiction treatment and simply abstain from drug use. When still involved with drug use, life often revolves around using or attaining drugs for use. Once in recovery, there is a gaping hole of time to be filled. Focus on finding new hobbies or  learning something new. You aren’t doomed to a life without fun when you are in recovery however, your idea of fun will change 

3. Repair relationships

Addiction has a way of getting between the drug alcohol abuser and loved ones. It is likely to damage relationships; familial and non-familial. While loved ones are happy that you’re on the road to recovery, amends may need to be made due to past behavior. It is best if rifts, grudges, or animosity is addressed directly and at the earliest possible time. Start with acknowledging the wrongs to be made right.

4: Exercise 

Drugs and alcohol are often used as a form of coping and escaping reality. During recovery, most people have to find healthier coping styles and exercising is commonly effective. Exercising isn’t an activity exclusive to addiction recovery as it benefits everyone. In the particular case of a recovering addict, exercise can provide general positive feelings, add structure to your schedule, energize and heal the body. 

5. Set and pursue your goals outside of recovery

The journey of recovery is much like finding yourself again. The real you, outside of recovery. Achieving dreams outside of recovery is essential for building a satisfying life in which you are less likely to give up. Remember, this recovery is for you, so center yourself in the midst of it all. This may come later in recovery but it is very possible.

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