addiction treatment during 2020 COVID-19

Continuing addiction treatment during COVID-19

Why Continuing addiction treatment during COVID-19 is necessary

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S had an opioid crisis of its own. Now in the middle of a pandemic, when the general public’s stress and anxiety levels are increased; those who battle with addiction are at an increased risk. Physical isolation and social distancing may mean more substance use alone or relapse for a recovering person which could result in a severe overdose or death. 

Isolation can have an intense effect on addiction. Humans are by nature social beings. Living an isolated lifestyle can have grave consequences on mental health one of them being addiction. Addiction is often called the disease of isolation. For many, depression and anxiety are risk factors for substance abuse and in these times of increased anxiety, it is important to be aware and stay on top of your mental health. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. federal government eased prescribing restrictions on medication assisted treatment (MAT) such as buprenorphine/naloxone and methadone. With increased access to life saving medications and virtual support group meetings, a person in recovery can find the resolve to stay the course. There are several coping mechanisms to keep you sober. Click this link to find out 6 ways to deal with self-isolation.

Persons in recovery are at increased risk during this period not only due to aforementioned reasons; Many people in recovery also have underlying heart and lung diseases predisposing them to riskier COVID-19 prognosis. It is imperative to continue addiction treatment during the pandemic in order to maintain normalcy and a positive mental and physical health status.

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