The Top 5 ways to deal with stress in 2021

Dealing with Stress in 2021

With the current pandemic and health concerns, It can be easy to become stressed and get overwilling. The home is becoming less and less an oasis and more of a place for work. But in between all the juggling it is important to take time to decompress. 

Here are 5 ways to make managing stress easier.

1. Take a Breathe

Breathe Deep!

Breathing comes so naturally that sometimes we forget how effective it can be on our mood. When it comes to anxiety breathing deeply has proven to be a powerful tool. When we breathe mindfully and concentrate on our intake and exhale you allow your mind to think about what’s really important. Check this Article at Scientific America to find out more on how sometimes the basics are all you really need to make things better.

2. Talk about your problems

Talk to me.

It helps to release your inner worries and discuss your concerns with a friend. When we talk about our problems with others we open a dialogue for a new dynamic or perception on the situation. On the other hand Talking with a loved one, therapist or friend can be just what you need to relieve stress and release tension.

3. Exercise

Work it out!

Not only will exercising improve your mood but it will improve how you feel about yourself. Your body releases a chemical call endorphins when your work out that trigger positive feelings and improve your mood. For a healthy lifestyle you should aim to exercise every week to maximize the benefits.

4. Meditate

Free your mind!

Throughout thousands of years meditation has been practiced and mastered to help deepen the understanding of the universe and better one’s connection to self. Meditation can be seen like a type of medicine that can heal the body and mind to produce a state of full  body relaxation. Meditation can help declutter your mind, promote positive thinking, and eliminate stress

5. Engage in a hobby

Do something you enjoy!

Engaging in a meaningful hobby can be very rewarding. Hobbies create a space for growth, self expression and creativity. With hobbies like the piano or the guitar, progress can be extremely exciting but sharing it with others can be even more rewarding. Take time to promote positive thinking and good habits with some new meaningful hobbies. 

Check out this article from psychcentral on how to find a meaningful hobby.

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