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What is Addiction and How does it Arise?

join steadyhand Recovery, one of the many dedicated rehab centers in Philadelphia, in identifying and overcoming addiction.

Addiction is an uncontrollable impulsive behavior which is often used as an emotional crutch. Local Philadelphia Rehab Center Steadyhand Recovery helps patients identify and overcome those dependiaddictions often start in two ways.

The first being a way of easing a stressful situation by “self-medicating” with pharmaceuticals and or repetitive actions.

The second, mostly common in the case of opioid addictions, form unknowingly and accidentally over the course of time through prescribed medications.

Addictions perpetuate a false sense of control that often overshadow priorities, obligations, and comments made with family, friends and colleagues.  

Opioid addiction is one that originated both though substance abuse as well as prescribed dosages of opioids. The brain reacts thee same regardless of the reason for use thus leading to the many accidental opioid dependencies.  

Philadelphia alone more than 1,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2019.

Addictions can be identified though self-evaluation or by the help of medical professionals at a local rehab center.

Local Philadelphia residents can be professionally evaluated by reaching out to Steadayhand Recovery rehab centers. SteadyHand Recovery helps families in the greater Philadelphia area overcome opioid addiction through Mat opioid outpatient treatment services. Becoming aware of addiction is the first step in overcoming addiction.

Identifying addiction is the first step in successful recovery the next is taking action.

Many victims of opioid dependency avoid taking action in fear or detox and the withdrawal symptom associated. SteadyHand Recovery removes that barriers to rehab through a Medication assisted treatment plan using suboxone.

Suboxone medicated assisted treatment clinics are considered to be the gold standard of addiction care, especially for opioid use disorders. For people addicted to heroin or prescription pain management drugs, the use of medications has been shown to substantially increase the odds of successful, long-term recovery.

Though Suboxone, patients can start their road to recovery without the intense symptoms of withdraw and substantially increase their chances of a successful recovery while minimizing the odds of a relapse.

If you or a loved one lives in the Philadelphia area, contact SteadyHand recovery rehab center for more information on how to start your road to recovery.

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Steadyhand Recovery is an Addiction treatment Clinic offering rehab services in the greater Philadelphia area to help those with opioid dependencies master their addictions and change their life’s narrative for the better. Call now to speak with one of our addiction specialist and start your road to recovery today.